lauraLaura Greene

Piano & Voice

Laura Greene is a Portland, Oregon native who began singing and playing piano at age 5. Her formative years were spent studying various instruments, singing in choirs, and performing with David Douglas high school’s esteemed music theater and jazz program. She studied classical piano and voice at the University of Oregon and Portland State University before moving to Boston to finish her studies with a BA from Berklee College of Music in 2000.

After graduating, Laura moved to New York City for five years where she was accepted into the New York Choral Society as a soprano, singing with productions of the MET opera, American Ballet Theater, the Richard Tucker gala, and Andrea Bocelli.

Since returning to Portland in 2007, Laura has performed with several Portland area classical choirs, including the Portland Symphonic choir, Portland Opera, and Cappella Romana. She also works with various bands and songwriters, and as a studio musician for a music publishing company. She sings weekly with Cantores in Ecclesia, a liturgical choir specializing in Renaissance Polyphony.

Her strong background as a singer, combined with years of studying piano gives her the ability to work with students of varying interests. She understands the learning processes and techniques of her piano students, while providing a solid accompaniment and well rounded approach to those that want to pursue voice. She continues to hone her skills as a teacher though regular workshops, classes, and cooperation with other local musicians of all backgrounds.

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