Have you ever taken a music lesson?

Elementary school presentation
Cooperative teaching artists from the Collective demonstrate their instruments and play for students at a local elementary school.

All too often, music lessons bring to mind strict teachers, boring exercises, and constantly being admonished to practice more. If you took music lessons, you may have quit after a few months, for one reason or another. Your teacher may have been a great musician but maybe if she had learned the best ways to teach, you would have been motivated to practice more.

The Portland Music Collective is an active force in changing the status quo for private music instruction. We are truly committed to providing fun and meaningful music lessons for students of all ages.

A cooperative of music teachers

We are not a music business but a cooperative of music teachers united to provide excellent music making experiences together. In fact, we prefer to call ourselves “Cooperative Teaching Artists” because we do so much more than teach. Each CTA commits to spending a fixed number of hours each month providing free music services to the community. We also pool resources financially to share practice space and resources. The result: the hardest working team of highly qualified music teachers in town.

Free introductory lesson

Your first lesson with any CTA is always on the house. Seriously, take as many free test drives as you need to find the right fit.

Contact us/Schedule a Free Trial Lesson!

Fill out our contact form, send an email or leave a message for our director at 541.729.0837 to schedule your test drive or find out more about the studio.

Benefit Concert: February 20

Two of our faculty are coordinating and playing Music of Hope and Empowerment: A Concert to Fight Hate and Promote Social Justice on February 20 at 7:30 pm.