Amanda Kanter, Flute InstructorAmanda Kanter

Flute, Piccolo, and Recorder

Amanda Kanter offers instruction in silver flute, recorder and piccolo in both classical and folk styles. Amanda’s teaching philosophy includes a commitment to understanding the learning style of each student. She has found that students who struggle to read are sometimes able to easily read music and strategies learned in flute lessons are readily applicable to the written language, as well. Amanda begins working with young students (age 8) by introducing written music notation and simple recorder instrument techniques. These skills provide a strong foundation for future flute instruction. In addition to Classical technique training and repertoire, Amanda introduces students to folk melodies and tunes, including English and Irish music.

Individual lessons are important for developing balanced performance skills. Students are encouraged to develop regular practice routines—working on both school music and lesson assignments. When possible, students are invited and encouraged to join small ensemble groups to build performance skills and independent ‘voice’ work.